About the Harbour Fish and Grill


The Harbour Fish and Grill was a grain store that was converted in the 1930’s to a house and then in the 1950’s to a hotel and restaurant.

It is a lovely period building that we have tried to enhance with contemporary features.

Our focus is very much on the comfort of our guests.

Ambience, service and location are very much what we are providing.

Accommodation is available for those who want to stay. To check availability go to www.harbourhotel.co.uk.

Opening Times

Monday Close
Tuesday – Saturday 10am to Noon – Brunch
Noon to 3pm – Lazy Lunch
6pm to 9pm – Relaxed Fine Dining
Sunday 10am – Noon Brunch
Noon – 4pm – Sunday Lunch

Find out more about our Executive Chef Aaron Janes.